Should Joe Rogan Be Cancelled?

March 09, 2022

Everyone is up in arms about Joe Rogan, one way or the other. But should he be cancelled? Or is there another option?

Chris and Andre take on some heavier subjects, including the rise of talking points in everyday conversations, the moves to cancel Joe Rogan, and why we as a society struggle to acknowledge the problems we are facing.

(00:00:00) Intros

00:00:52) Chris and Andre discuss a couple more serious topics, starting with the rise in talking point conversations and why we can’t seem to move past those or race, continuing and expanding on their discussion about Joe Rogan.

(00:21:49) Then the guys ask the big question, “Why can’t we acknowledge our problems?” and explain what they do to try and understand other people’s points of view and how to avoid pointless conversations.

(01:02:58) The guys take some time to give people their flowers while they are still here, with shout outs to The Cosmic Wonder channel on YouTube and the WV Uncommonplace Podcast, which they both rock with.

(01:09:17) Lastly, Andre can’t help but share a few quick “funny” stories before they close things out.