Episode 46 - Obviously, You're Not A Golfer

December 05, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys finally get to spend a bunch of time talking about sports, including the football weekend in the NFL that was and the upcoming college basketball season, hit each other up on the Slack acquisition by Salesforce, make everyone hungry while dishing on their Thanksgiving feasts, and wrap things up with a quick dive into the Star Wars universe and compare cinematic universes.

(00:01:24) Sports - Andre is mourning the death of his football season as his Broncos were forced to play without a QB last weekend, the guys give props to Kendall Hinton (though Andre believes he could have done better), Chris says Andre’s bad season is starting to rub off on his teams as his Colts got destroyed by the Titans, the guys discuss the Joe Burrow injury and how the NFL has gotten it wrong when it comes to building a football team.

Chris celebrates another win for his Wolfpack despite some horrendous QB play on both sides, the guys discuss the continued spread of COVID across the sport, agree that the typical bowl games should all just be canceled at this point, and talk about how Notre Dame is about to win the ACC without being an actual member after beating UNC last weekend.

College basketball’s start has the guys wondering just how far their respective teams will go and whether or not there will actually be much of a season at all.

(00:41:17) Technology - Salesforce is getting ready to buy Slack which has Andre feeling all types of ways about the software company, much like the new M1 Mac Mini that he ordered to replace his Hackintosh, the Apple CSO got caught trading iPads for concealed carry permits, Andre still loves his Smartwatch and the guys reminisce about the old Ironman Triathlon watches, and Andre shares his recent experience building a mobile app using JavaFX.

(01:12:38) Thanksgiving/Food - The guys share their plant-based and vegan meals from Thanksgiving while sharing some of the changes the experienced this year in terms of traditions, then share some of the other delicious things they have eaten or made lately, including Chris’s recent date night in downtown Wilmington and Andre’s decision not to attend a recent gathering due to a news report.

(01:30:31) Who Gives a Crap? - Chris gives a shout out (and free promo) to Who Gives a Crap (us.whogivesacrap.org/) to his favorite toilet paper delivery service, delivering high-quality 3-ply Bamboo TP at a super reasonable price.

(01:32:27) Pop Culture - Chris and Andre talk about the Hulu series Woke, share the amount of television they consumed over the holiday along with their takes on The New Mutants film that was recently released. Be sure to look out for Chris’s spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Andre has been watching the Mandalorian but not really enjoying it at this point, which leads to a larger discussion about building cinematic universes and the guys celebrate the amazing job Marvel has done while comparing it to other other recent franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones.

(01:49:01) Closing Thoughts - The guys are glad they didn’t talk about Politics today because they really needed the break. They hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to delivering high-quality episodes on a weekly basis.