Episode 54 - History Repeats Itself

February 12, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys start off covering the start of the most recent Impeachment trial and debate some of President Biden’s plans, discuss motivations and human psychology, and take a deep dive into sports for a look back at Super Bowl 55 and the future of quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

(00:00:50) Politics - The topic on the guys mind first this week is the second Impeachment Trial of a certain former President including the embarrassment that was his lawyer’s first day, the fallacy of their Constitutionality defense, the Biden administration’s efforts to make progress on his agenda, Mitch McConnel’s obstruction efforts, and the lack of organization on the side of the Democrats.

The guys also share their thoughts on helping to correct the Student Loan Debt problem the country is facing, the difficulty the demographic makeup of Democratic supporters presents, the push to raise the minimum wage, and the Rooney rule’s ineffectiveness in the NFL.

(00:24:58) Life - The Rooney rule topic leads to a broader discussion about human bias, motivations, and psychology with a focus on the effect fear has on us. Andre thinks our short attention span plays a significant role in our inability to get big things done.

(00:49:06) Sports - Chris and Andre share their thoughts on Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl victory over Kansas City. Tom Brady makes Andre feel better about his age but also makes him realize he has no reason to be out of shape while Chris is critical of his MVP award. The guys also argue over whether or not Patrick Mahomes was panicked and if the Patriots gave up on Tom Brady too soon.

Chris and Andre get into a debate over whether the Broncos should prefer Deshaun Watson over Drew Lock and spend a significant amount of time on the different ways to build a successful football team.

(01:33:56) Closing Thoughts - Andre blames a Subway ad for his verbal typo, Chris kind of apologizes for recent barrage of profanity, and they both share their recent food experiences, both good and bad.