CMA 02 -My Diet, DC Animation Can Their Future and Other ThingsArticles

May 31, 2024

Caught My Attention is a collection of things on the internet that caught my attention - articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.

Always Looking for Tips to Maintain My Health

Budget friendly options (let's go Aldi!) to continue with my goal of healthy living.

DC Animation Can Save Whatever Is Going on Over There

Unlike Chris, I have little faith in James Gunn and Peter Safran. After watching the conclusion of the Tomorrowverse, I am not impressed, and I have continued to lower my expectations.

Can We Talk About Black Excellence? No We Can't, but We Should Ask Better Questions and Have Higher Expectations!

This is worth a conversation at some point. There are so many things I want to say.

CNN Is Becoming More Tone Deaf and They Brought Abby Phillip Along for the Ride

CNN doesn't realize the black community is not a monolith. Don Lemon pimped himself out and now they have Abby doing the same, just to get her card pulled. Sad day, but nothing new from CNN. Please don't put Laura Coates in your clown show.

Exploitation Imagine That

Or is it? There are so many variables to make this a "thing", but here we are.

There's Something Happening Here

This is a thoughtful essay into a future issue. Why is it a future issue? In my personal experience, some issues mentioned in the video are too true, but not experienced enough by a wider amount of the population. For me, it is worth learning more to better understand for myself.


Randomly came across this video and a behind the scenes look into why Atlanta may be a nice place to visit, and that may be about it.