Upcoming DC Movies Are Going To Fail Because of James Gunn and Peter Safran – Prove Me WrongPop Culture

Andre Powell
June 25, 2023

Andre loves comic book movies, but he’s not sure if James Gunn and Peter Safran can make DC movies into winners. See why Andre is skeptical it may change your mind.

The Excitement and Anticipation or Lack Thereof for Upcoming DC Movies

I like comic book movies. There is something about seeing live adaptions of most of the characters from my childhood. Even when they are not good or the story is just terrible. I may not watch them all in theaters or even at home, but there is a chance I will over time watch them, with perhaps the exception of "The Gaurdians of the Galaxy Holiday Special". There is nothing about the GOG that would compel me to waste my time like that.

To me, The Batman is the new bar for DC movies and they are currently struggling to get off the starting block with The Flash being the latest flop in their catalogue. I have noticed the more trailers and variations the worse the movie is, and it seems DC just can't break or move away from this trend. Blue Beetle may very well be the next lackluster product from the house of DC. The rest of the slate doesn't seem that exciting, although it should. I believe the issue is the people driving the car, James Gunn and Peter Safran.

My Problem with James Gunn's Involvement with DC Films

I am not a James Gunn fan, mainly because I don't think the superhero movies he has directed are that great. I even took the time to get a different perspective on the work he has done. I am just not that impressed.

What really solidified my opinion on James Gunn and the further damage he could cause to the DC Universe came from his mouth.

"I was consulting on everything," the filmmaker told The Wrap. "I was consulting on all the Marvel movies. Kevin [Feige] would send me the script for Spider-Man and I'd give my notes. He'd send me the script for Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and I'd give notes on all of those scripts. It was really as a friend and as somebody who was a part of the team and a team player. And then the cosmic universe, I mean, there's a lot of things that I was creating and setting up for the rest of the cosmic universe."

If this is true, my criticism of some movies he "consulted" on is spot on. "Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" was a "B" (at best) and "Spider-Man: Far From Home" was not that spectacular, and I won't even start on GOG. Heres why. Gunn doesn't bring enough source material into his films. By doing this, it changes the characters almost beyond recognition. His directing style works best with one-off movies or in their own universe, not with existing universes.

My last issue with Gunn has been stated so many times I just can't help but say it one more time. James Gunn needs to stay off Twitter.

Peter Safran's Track Record: Why He Can't be Trusted with DC

Peter Safran is a well-known producer in Hollywood, with an impressive track record of successful films and TV shows. However, when it comes to his involvement with DC projects, there are concerns about his ability to deliver quality content that stays true to the source material.

Safran's past work includes horror movies like The Conjuring series and Aquaman, which was a box office success but received mixed reviews from fans. Some argue that Safran's focus on commercial success over creative integrity could lead to him making changes to beloved characters or storylines in DC projects.

Furthermore, Safran's lack of experience in the superhero genre has raised questions about his suitability for producing DC films. While he has produced successful comic book adaptations like Shazam!, it remains to be seen whether he can handle the complexity and depth of characters like Batman or Wonder Woman.

Overall, while Peter Safran has had success in the entertainment industry, there are valid concerns about his ability to handle DC projects with care and respect for the source material.

That makes two.

Why these Choices by Warner Bros Studios Will Hurt the Upcoming Films' Success

David Zaslav went all in on Chris Licht too and lost. Gunn and Safran just might be a similar gamble. The future of the DC properties are being placed in the hands of two people who seem to not understand the source material. They should remember the source material created fans, but I doubt they will.

People get excited about the characters and their stories. Of course, you can sprinkle in some artistic freedom. Wonder Woman is a good example of that (but what was WW 1984?), while Thor: Love and Thunder is an abomination. You don't want to be Thor:Love and Thunder.

How Warner Bros Studio Can Fix Their Mistakes and Regain Fans' Trust in DC Movies

Warner Bros Studio has faced their fair share of criticism for their handling of the DC Comics movie franchise. From casting decisions to plot inconsistencies, fans have been vocal about their disappointment. However, all is not lost. With the right approach, Warner Bros can fix their mistakes and regain fans' trust in DC movies.

The first step is acknowledging the mistakes that have been made and taking responsibility for them. This includes listening to fan feedback and making changes accordingly. Additionally, Warner Bros should focus on hiring directors and writers who are passionate about the source material and have a clear vision for the films.

Another way to regain fans' trust is by delivering high-quality content consistently. This means taking time to develop each project properly instead of rushing to meet release dates. By doing so, Warner Bros can ensure that each movie meets or exceeds fan expectations.

By implementing these strategies, Warner Bros Studio can make strides towards fixing past mistakes and regaining fans' trust in DC movies.

Maybe, just maybe, Gunn and Safran can pull this off. Maybe Disney could buy DC.