Episode 22 - You Have To Fight For What's Right... Even If It's Just To Party

June 24, 2020

In this episode, the guys do their best to get back to a more normal cadence. They start out by providing updates on their COVID-19 lives, talk about the likelihood of sports leagues coming back this year, racism in the tech industry and beyond it, and spend a LOT of time talking about politics, the economy, and global news.

(00:00:24) Intro - The guys catch up on the latest happenings while Chris continues to pat himself on the back for getting episodes edited and uploaded.

(00:04:40) Sports - The guys discuss the likelihood of sports leagues returning this year, Chris admits to watching NASCAR, several Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans teams test positive for COVID-19, Mike Gundy’s OANN shirt and his mullet, and wrap things up talking about the “rumors” surrounding Kaepernick’s return to the NFL.

(00:19:442) Technology - The guys veer off on a tech-rant for a minute to discuss the best streaming options including SlingTV and YouTubeTV, Chris explains his recent switch to become a Google fanboy, the guys discuss the “game changing” new security feature of Android 11, Andre explains Flutter in the Dart programming language for writing iOS and Android apps, the guys make plans to switch Chris’ work laptop over to Linux, GitHub and other tech companies make a push to remove “racially biased” terms from lexicons, Chris and Andre talk about their experiences in the tech world.

(00:54:46) Life: Racism - The guys discuss the SF Karen and her husband, cancel culture as a watered down version of boycotting, if people are committed to real change, Atlanta’s Police Chief resigning following Rayshard Brooks shooting, the Supreme Court’s decision to not review “invisible shield” for Police.

(01:11:39) Politics - The guys can’t help but spend some time on Donald Trump, including moving his Tulsa rally to Saturday to avoid Juneteenth controversy despite COVID-19 concerns, his Dallas speech, and how they can’t understand how black people and/or Christians can support him. The guys talk about how America has lost the global moral high-ground, the dangers lurking in the “new economy” post Coronavirus shutdown, Walmart’s E. coli issue, Starbucks closing stand-alone stores, the future of furloughed and unemployed Americans, North Korea reportedly destroys Liaison building in Kaesong after breakdown of talks with South Korea, Chris gets Andre to bite on his conspiracy theory that China is behind it, Andre says Trump is like a substitute teacher and Chris make an analogy to Sister Act II, Andre discusses the different groups that still support Trump, Chris compares grown people to his six year old again, the guys discuss the likelihood of a Trump re-election in November and then close things out with a discussion of companies that want you to “bringing your whole self to work.”

(02:00:00) That’s a wrap! - The guys close out one of their longest episodes to-date! The guys appreciate all of their listeners (except one, you know who you are…). Be sure to visit for the latest and greatest from the guys!