WHO SUCKS MORE? Bro Culture vs. Cancel Culture

May 05, 2022

The validation of your negative opinions versus toxic masculinity group-think... which will come out on the bottom this week?

In this segment, we talk about the things in life that REALLY suck, whether that’s certain technologies, people, or sports teams, everything and ANYTHING is on the table! And yes, we know that some of the things we discuss have positive aspects, too, but we are here to focus on the SUCK.

This week, we focus on two CULTURES: Cancel Culture and Bro Culture. Cancel Culture seemed like a good idea at first, a modernization of boycotting that has probably gotten out of hand while Bro Culture is a way for people to fit in to an increasingly obnoxious and toxic group mentality.

Who do you think SUCKS MORE? Let us know in the comments!