Episode 82 - What Is Critical Race Theory (CRT)

November 15, 2021

What is the big discussion about CRT and why? Is CRT really a problem? What is the real solution?

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys kick things off with a new segment to kick, try to understand the Critical Race Theory argument, blame “the media” for part of our political problem, wonder why Facebook is pushing for more regulations, debate the impact of the Federal Vaccine/Testing Mandate, and wonder how Johnson & Johnson execs can sleep at night.

(00:00:00) Intros

(00:02:14) Quick Hits - In this new segment, the guys give their takes (somewhat quickly) on a few topics before they dive into the meatier conversations. In this first edition, the guys talk about Eternals, being told to remove Google Chrome from your devices, fake social media influencers being exposed, the start of college basketball and the beginning of the World Cup loom big for Andre, and Chris explains his personal beef with Aaron Rodgers.

(00:20:24) Life - Chris and Andre discuss Critical Race Theory (CRT) and why everyone (and we mean everyone) is up in arms about it.

(00:30:45) Politics - Andre takes issue with cable news’s role in our current political climate, the guys discuss the governor’s election results in Virginia and what it actually means, Andre again takes issue with the Democrats lack of a platform while Chris defends them, Andre explains why he isn’t actually mad at Joe Manchin anymore, and the guys discuss slogans they think Democrats should stop using.

(00:54:03) Business - Facebook is asking the government to regulate them with their new ad campaign which makes Andre wonder, the guys discuss the OSHA vaccine/testing mandate that’s being held up in court and just how many companies/employees that could actually effect, then check in with CNN’s New Day to see what Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary thinks about President Biden’s tax plan. Lastly, Chris and Andre chastise Johnson & Johnson for their behavior regarding the Talcum powder lawsuits and their attempts to avoid payouts.