Episode 38 - We Hired The Wrong Guy

October 08, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys sit down at the political roundtable to discuss the first Presidential debate and the Republicans’ COVD-19 outbreak, tackle the latest week of NFL games (at least for their teams) and some of the other news from around the league, reveal their Top 10 NBA Players lists, and make everyone hungry talking about their recent food experiences.

(00:02:01) Politics - The guys can’t believe everything that has transpired in the past week, Chris’s recent discovery that of Confederate Flag NC license plates sets the tone for the bulk of this podcast, the guys give their takes on the first Presidential Debate, discuss the COVID-19 outbreak that emanated from the White House, the local connection of that event with Senator Tom Tillis testing positive, and the continued violence committed by police against black people with the murder of John Price in Texas.

(00:49:37) Sports - After a number of serious topics, the guys switch gears to discuss their teams’ recent performances in the NFL, including Andre’s Broncos getting a win over the hapless Jets, Chris’s Seahawks managing to get by the Dolphins, Philip Rivers continuing to uphold his title of the NFL’s “King of Trash Talk,” and Bill O’Brien getting himself fired in Houston after assuming all control.

(01:11:45) Top 10 - In this Top 10 segment, the guys reveal their respective Top NBA Players lists, with the focus being on players they watched during their lifetimes. Chris manages to sneak a former NC State player on his list, while Andre can’t help but include more than one member of the Knicks.

(01:28:06) Cooking - Chris’s recent trip to the beach included a stop at Latella Gelato on the Carolina Beach boardwalk, Andre continues to work on perfecting his seitan recipe and shares his latest update, and Chris talks about his versatile quinoa salad recipe.