Episode 65 - We’re All Brothers In This Interesting Thing We’re Doing

May 20, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys catch up after a couple weeks off and share how their dealing with the gas shortage, spend a little time talking politics to say why they haven’t talked much politics lately, try to solve the underemployment issue and take aim at Amazon’s firing quotas, Chris shares an update on his Mac Mini M1 while they talk about the new Apple M2 chips, the guys argue over comic book movies and other pieces of pop culture, and close things out talking about life.

(00:00:00) The Intro - Andre shares his recent travel experience with friends and family to Puerto Rico and the guys talk about the recent gas shortage in Raleigh, NC.

(00:12:12) Politics - The guys explain why they haven’t been talking politics as much lately, with Andre saying he doesn’t want to get distracted by the noise and Chris saying he needs to take a mental break while he can. They also talk about President Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill.

(00:21:45) Business - Chris tries to wrap his head around the under-employment issue the US is experiencing, Andre explains why most companies don’t need physical locations anymore, Chris shares a discussion with a local professor who is struggling with some aspects of remote work, Andre talks about the Zillow bubble and how companies able to pivot will win the day.

Chris says running a business is an intimate experience, the guys discuss “planned turnover” in the wake of reports that Amazon departments look to fire 10% of employees each year.

(00:48:41) Technology - The guys discuss the announcement that Apple’s M2 chips will be introduced in their new Pro models, as Andre predicted, Chris shares some of the issues he’s experienced with his new Mac Mini M1 only to discover it was his own fault, and Andre explains the ongoing battle between Google and Roku.

(01:01:18) Pop Culture - Chris and Andre argue their respective approaches to consuming pop culture these days and how that has impacted his take on movies like Venom and the upcoming sequel which leads to another debate about whether or not there’s room for comedy in comic book films (yes, seriously…), and spend time talking about The Boys, Lost, American Gods, and more.

(01:25:52) Life - The guys get somewhat philosophical for a minute talking about the need for humans to classify and organize things in categories, Andre admits that while people often believe him to be very confident he still manages a lot of insecurities.

(01:49:08) Closing Thoughts - The guys talk about the shirts they both chose to wear for this episode, with Andre highlighting Huey P. Newton, a founding member of the Black Panthers, and Chris sporting a “Como Se Llama??” shirt… with a Llama on it...