Episode 33 - The Shoe Is Starting To Fit

September 10, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk tech with Chris’ new Chromebook, video doorbells, and Google versus Apple, discuss the possibility of the protests losing the message, take aim at 2nd Amendment defenders, rap about life from the National Anthem to “bastard cops” to the Black Lives Matters organization needing a new name, and then close things out with a second round of political discussions.

(00:01:24) Technology - Chris and Andre start things off discussing the pros and cons of the new Chromebook Chris bought for his daughter for school, Andre talks about his new HP Mini desktops and the fact that most users don’t need a “professional” laptop, Chris points out that most things are designed to be done on mobile devices, the guys agree it all really depends on the end user.

Chris gets Andre’s take on Google taking on Apple with their Pixelbook, Andre says Apple is becoming “self-contained” with the ARM chip compared to Google, Chris complains about the short lifespan of his Apple devices recently, Andre praises System76’s hardware usage and the way they’ve built on top of Ubuntu, the guys discuss the benefits of cloud storage/cloud computing.

(00:32:57) Politics - Even though they don’t think they are really switching topics at the time, Chris shares his experience with the Ground News app which aims to provide a glimpse into people’s “blindspots” in news, the guys discuss the possibility that the protests turn into something more and lose the core message, Andre takes issue with the 2nd amendment defenders.

(00:45:25) Life - The guys discuss the purpose and place for the National Anthem, the power dynamics that exist in college football, people intentionally missing the point, a Medium article written by a “former bastard cop,” the fact that all white people aren’t bad but things can still be uncomfortable, how living a suburban life still leaves Andre fearing police and wanting to protect his family, Robert Horry and his family having to experience life with their daughter.

The guys continue their discussion about life with a recent Facebook video of a High Point traffic stop, the fact that someone with a gun and a badge is not always what’s needed and the training police officers go through, and more from the Medium article.

Andre explains why he thinks the Black Lives Matter organization needs a name change, Chris talks about the violence we’ve seen across the country recently compared to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s position of non-violent protest, Andre points out the real issue is fear, and Chris gets really upset about gun-related things, the guys talk a little about Jacob Blake and other instances of police violence, and corporate America’s laughable attempts to “embrace diversity.”

(01:15:54) Social Media - Chris walks back his previous hard stance on “Social Media Warriors” after some introspection and openly shares his fears while sharing a recent Facebook experience that left him feeling different, Andre says it’s all about being a good example.

(01:24:38) Politics… again - Andre predicts a third party breaking off once Trump is out of office, the guys discuss what the 2024 election could look like, the guys agree most people are moderate and somewhat fiscally conservative, Andre talks about Los Angeles’ plans to build affordable housing for Skid Row residents, the guys talk about the “power” politicians have, Chris invites anyone who would like to discuss these topics on the show with the guys to reach out to them, Andre says the best way to learn is to be open to different perspectives, Chris closes things out with some rather poignant words.

(01:49:23) That’s a wrap! - The guys put another one in the books, be sure to visit them at chrisandandreshow.com, email them at thechrisandandreshow@gmail.com, and visit them on their social media profiles (if you must)!