Episode 24 - The Rise Of Jakes And Karens

July 22, 2020

In this episode of the Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about some pop culture, catch up on what’s happening across the social media platforms, discuss politics including the rise of Karens and Jakes across the US, share sports stories from their past, rap about current life-altering events, and then invite their first-ever interview guest, Bob Smith, in for a sit down!

(00:00:24) Intro - Who needs to waste time on pleasantries and small talk? Not these guys!

(00:00:33) Pop Culture - Chris immediately takes the conversation in a Pop Culture direction by referencing 24, Andre brings up Cards Against Humanity, the guys discuss the trajectory of modern society’s moral compass.

(00:06:09) Social Media - Andre points to Reddit cleaning up their act and asks what conservatives are thinking by jumping to Parlor, the guys discuss the misconception of Free Speech and social media platforms, the recent Facebook advertising boycott, changes to user rights and changes to the tech industry overall.

(00:18:31) Politics - The guys finally get around to their favorite subject! Today their politics roundtable includes: how things today aren’t that far off from 1968, the need for local leadership over federal leadership, why social issues became political, the rise of Karens and Jakes across the country, the lack of response from the NRA to the Missouri couple. The guys discuss the difference between Country Boys, Rednecks, and Hillbillies.

(00:34:05) Sports - Chris shares stories from his “redneck” past, Andre talks about the comments from F1 team owner Bernie Ecclestone, the guys discuss Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots, Chris asks if people voting for a President is akin to calling for a head coaching change.

(00:42:48) Life - The guys spend some time discussing recent life-altering events including: Mississippi changing their state flag, Georgia passing its first Hate Crime law, the glorification of the Confederate flag and the plantation lifestyle, GOP senators quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(00:53:45) Special Guest - Chris’ dad, Bob Smith, joins the podcast to give his perspective on a number of things including: Donald Trump, nepotism in politics, Joe Biden, President Obama, Bill Clinton, his childhood growing up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s, gentrification, leadership, unions, voting, term limits for all politicians, the SEMA organization, financial institutions, navigating capitalism as a small business, family life, and much more!

(01:59:20) That’s a wrap! - The guys close out another episode of The Chris and Andre Show by thanking all of their new listeners from around the world! That’s right, the show is going global, even if they haven’t gone viral yet...