The Death of News and Rise of Infotainment | THE BIG RANT

July 21, 2022

People are avoiding the news like it's COVID-19, but does the rise in popularity of infotainment have anything to do with it? And what does it mean for society?

In this edition of THE BIG RANT, Chris and Andre focus in on the steady decline in news viewership and the seeming increase in the number of "infotainment" shows designed to combine traditional news stories with humor.

Along the way they discuss a recent Axios article highlighting the fall in cable news ratings, the shift from news anchors and traditional journalists to tv personalities as hosts of longstanding news programs, the supposed need for sensationalism in news coverage, "bad news fatigue," and the consolidation of news outlet ownership.

Ultimately, the guys explain why they feel this is a bad trend for society as a whole and how this shift has led to people feeling that being aware is the same as being informed.

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