THE BIG RANT | Why We Hate Social Media

April 27, 2022

The guys rant about their (least) favorite topic: social media. This time it's self-help gurus, fake outrage, and cancel culture that have drawn their ire.

In THE BIG RANT, Chris and Andre go off on a tangent about one topic or another, with the main goal of understanding what the problem is and how they can improve themselves through this conversation. This week, they have turned their focus back on their number one enemy: Social Media.

(00:00:00) The guys are back at it, taking aim at the pitfalls of Social Media and people’s obsession with fads, trends, whatever might be popular at this moment across multiple platforms. They start out looking at The Toxic World of Self Help, which includes the need for “side hustles,” toxic positivity, and fake gurus.

(00:14:00) Next, they talk about self-help in business and share their past experiences at the infamous “E-Area” when Chris was promoted to managing a team for the first time and the steps the company took to bring everyone in the management group up-to-speed quickly, which were ultimately unsuccessful.

(00:27:00) The guys try to explain the best way to interact with people on social media platforms, based on their past experiences, and then get into where these platforms totally miss the mark on amplifying things for the wrong reasons.

(00:37:30) Chris takes issue with the things people get upset about when there are so many valid reasons to be angry/pissed off/disgusted with what is going on in the world right now.

(00:41:30) Chris tells his favorite “E-Area” story about going on vacation when they were launching a new website, being vaguely threatened by the CEO, and how that moment was an epiphany for him why delaying gratification for your employer will almost never work out in the long-run.

(00:48:00) Andre explains why he thinks “Cancel Culture” will become an ethnic battleground.

(00:54:30) The guys close things out with Chris giving a quick recap of The Giver, a book about a seemingly idyllic world where differences and disagreements have been all but eliminated and how everything essentially becomes boring as hell.