THE BIG RANT | Politics feat. John Oliver and Bo Hines

May 02, 2022

In this week's The Big Rant, John Oliver's blackmail scheme, Bo Hines opportunism, and Independent voters get a lot of focus.

In this week’s Big Rant, the guys talk about John Oliver’s plan to get members of Congress to pass data privacy protections by legally obtaining and threatening to release sensitive information about said members of Congress.

They also talk about Bo Hines, an opportunistic North Carolina political candidate who recently received a “full endorsement” from Donald Trump, but who seems to be only hitting on the typical right-wing talking points.

Andre shares his thoughts on supposed congressional candidate Herschel Walker and his decision to skip a debate.

Lastly, the guys determine the real solution is to find and promote more independent politicians that aren’t hamstrung by either political party.