The American "god" Is WeakReligion

Andre Powell
June 23, 2020

The American god is not the God of the Bible, nor will he ever be. This American god is more reminiscent of how past Roman emperors' used the 1st century church for power.

The American god is not the God of the Bible, nor will he ever be. This American god is more reminiscent of how past Roman emperors' used the 1st century church for power. You know the church that eventually split off into our many current denominations. The church that supported colonization and slavery. That church. That “god”.

In recent years American churches have tried to change their public image. I am sure that you have seen it. Contemporary music, buildings, modern logos, and casually dressed people in the pulpit. There’s an extensive list that churches are working on to drive membership and present itself in a fresh light. Here’s the thing the packaging may have changed but the product they are selling is weak. Their god is weak.

If you are a student of the Bible, you may recognize the American church. It mirrors the institutions that the Sadducees and Pharisees fought so hard to uphold. It supports oppression and division to keep those with positions of power in power. It continues to warp the message of God to benefit the few and in doing so erodes the credibility of the faith.

Jesus has already made it clear that this is not the way. Jesus took issue with the system that had evolved and how far off it was from the original design. The artistic license applied to modern American Christianity is not only tone-deaf but goes against everything in the Bible. The silence of the American church and their god have on injustice and the path this country is on is mind-blowing.

My confusion about the American church disappeared once I realized that there is no belief in the God of the Bible. American Christianity only exists to add moral credibility to the American dream, more or less. It has nothing to do with faith. The American church merely exists to make people feel better about themselves.

America props up its own brand of Christianity while the world burns. Clergy do not speak truth when our society needs to hear it. When the chips are down, the American church picks self-preservation. The American church loves John 3:16, but will not pick up their crosses and follow that same Jesus. Americans want salvation, but just like the rich ruler will not follow. This church is always looking for revival, talking to hear itself talk, and won’t recognize its own failings.

The failings that force so many to question God. The failings that make people not believe in God. I know countless people that may believe in God, but not this American church. I know people that believe in a higher power, but refuse to even associate that being with this American god. The church of hypocrisy.

This church says their god is a god of love. So explain racism (and start with your understanding of what a Gentile is). Explain the vilification of the LGBTQ community. You can’t. Explain the role of the church in civilization. Oh, that one will make you question so much more. The truth is Jesus addressed racism, social persecution by religious leaders, and so much more yet this church won’t follow His instruction. Paul admonished church leaders to do the right thing for the health of the church many times. Yet, the American church ignores his teachings.

I struggle in my walk, but I can tell the difference between right and wrong. I understand that I have to not just listen to someone in a pulpit, but learn for myself. Watching the people that follow this religion is no longer funny, but getting kind of scary. The American god sucks and I hope his church fails.