Episode 53 - Somebody's Gonna Build A Better Mousetrap

February 10, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys geek out on technology for a while, provide personal updates on their lives at home, spend a good chunk of the episode talking politics, share their thoughts on the stock market fiasco, and provide their Super Bowl LV picks.

(00:01:20) Technology - Andre is still geeking out about his new Mac Mini, so much so that he has now ordered a new Mac Air M1, too. The guys spend some time talking about additional technology topics including: System76 machines, trade-offs when choosing a new laptop, the future of Intel, the Google Pixel 4A, the inherent trust placed in technology companies like Apple and Google, mobile applications available for purchase on CodeCanyon and the value of copycats, deciphering reviews and star ratings online,

(00:36:20) Family - The guys discuss the impending Impeachment of former President Trump and how they have been occupying all the free time they have now that he is out of office, including spending time with family, work, wake-up times, exercising with the Fitness Marshall, and the difference in snowdays now that we’re mostly remote.

(00:43:18) Politics - Andre sees his prediction of Republicans being shut out of the next several national elections. The guys also talk about: party leadership in Congress in McConnel and Schumer, what the GOP has stood for and their attempts to prolong the life of the platform, marketing on fear and anger, and voter shifts away from Republicans.

Chris struggles to understand how people vote for conspiracy theorists and other crazy people, the guys share their takes on the early returns from the President Biden’s administration, the reason people are still on the Trump train, and the lack of critical thinking in modern society.

The conversation shifts to the potential of a $15/hr minimum wage, bad examples of cancel culture and the difference between it and old-fashioned boycotts.

(01:34:20) Business - The guys share their love of Chris Cuomo over his recent interview with the CEO from Robinhood while having a broader discussion about the Gamestop short, general stock market practices, how terrible an investment vehicle a 401(k) is, and the lack of financial education in the United States.

(02:07:29) Closing Thoughts - The guys managed to run super long on this one after taking the previous week off, and take a moment to share their Super Bowl predictions before officially ending the episode.