Episode 35 - Ron Swanson Is Right

September 29, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys share their takes on the first week of football while discussing the National Anthem, talk about how important hope is to life, sit down at the political roundtable to discuss Trump, and geek out over NVIDIA buying ARM and other tech stuff. All in a day’s podcast on The Chris and Andre Show!

(00:01:12) Sports - The guys discuss the and the first week of games, Andre analyzes his Broncos’ performance and Tom Brady’s debut in Tampa Bay, Chris says Bellicheck knows how to scheme for a running QB, the guys debate Eli Manning, Andre says Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson both remind him of Russell Wilson, Chris explains his concerns about Jackson and fawns over Wilson, the guys discuss the value of a baseball skillset at the QB position, then come back to the anthem discussion and First Amendment rights, Andre says the hypocrites make it hard to enjoy things.

(00:26:49) Life - Andre says we’ll lose social progress if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, Chris says the same is true for the pandemic and talks about planning his daughter’s birthday, Andre says the aftereffects could be even worse, Chris shares Nick Offerman’s take on humanity’s “softness,” Andre has really been enjoying Lee Iacocca’s “Where Have All The Leaders Gone?”

(00:33:36) Politics - Chris says Congress is impotent, Andre says Trump has shown exactly who he is through the Bob Woodward tapes, the guys discuss the possibility of Evangelicals, Mormons and other groups bailing on Trump and who will be the presumptive Republican nominees in 2024, America’s relationship with Israel becomes a hot button topic for both Chris and Andre, Andre makes a final plea to America to let us not talk about this stuff as much after November…

(00:50:12) Technology - NVIDIA makes a push to buy ARM and the guys discuss what that means for the future of the tech device landscape, Chris explains why his XBOX One is the last one he’ll buy and why he’s considering getting a Switch instead, Andre says EA is trying to get to a cross-platform version where XBOX and Playstation users can play each other, the guys say consoles and games have gotten too expensive, Chris brings up Oracle partnering with TikTok and then Docker, both of which are not favorites of Andre’s, and then they discuss a not-so-favorite former coworker of theirs.

(01:08:23) Life - Chris tries to connect a lot of dots and does so… kind of, Andre counterpoints him really well until he walks into a perfect setup by Chris, then the guys get into a discussion about the effectiveness of police hiring practices which Andre somehow relates to Mulan.

Chris and Andre share some of their favorite things to do while conducting interviews or interviewing with an organization, then Andre reflects back on some lessons learned over his lifetime. Chris shares the source of his recent motivation to start running again, even at 6:00 AM, Andre explains why he doesn’t run with his kids or his brother-in-law.