Episode 56 - Raised On The Simpsons

March 26, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys cover a lot of territory, including - home improvement projects and inside the Raleigh real estate market, how exhausting politics has become, the ethics of marketing (or lack thereof), a pop culture roundtable, plenty of sports talk, a bit of technology, and the key to getting suspended on Twitter.

(00:01:30) Around the House - Chris talks about the work being done on his house to update and improve the overall look of things, Andre shares experiences from his time spent in real estate, then the guys talk about their shared Habitat for Humanity experience and the topic of affordable housing.

(00:18:07) Politics - Andre relates home ownership to the push for a $15 minimum wage, Chris thinks some people on the left want blood for the past 4+ years.

(00:32:17) Business - Chris wants to talk about ethics in marketing and the pros and cons of gaming the system for your own benefit.

(00:43:30) Pop Culture - The guys have been catching up on some movies/series lately, including Young Rock, WandaVision, and Polar (2019). They also discuss upcoming releases The Batman (2022), The Snyder Cut (2021), and Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2022).

(01:03:27) Sports - Chris talks Dennis Smith, Jr. dunks, Andre says his life is interfering with his NBA consumption, and Chris hates on baseball. The guys dedicate some time to the NFL offseason including Andre’s thoughts on what the Broncos should be focused on, Chris’s take on the Russell Wilson drama, whether the Cowboys should have paid Dak Prescott prior to this year, and what they think about J.J. Watt’s landing spot.

(01:31:38) Technology - Chris loves on his new FitBit but is even more excited about his girlfriend ordering a Mac Mini M1, which leads to a discussion about computers versus tablets for traveling, Andre shares his theory on storage management and then loves on Microsoft 365.

(01:53:43) Social Media - Andre recently got the show’s Twitter account suspended and shares what he did to achieve such an honor.

(01:57:58) Politics… again? - The guys try to understand why the media has continued to be consumed with the former President and share their exhaustion around politics in general.