Quick Hits - Facebook, Meta Gropers, TFG, Politics, Finance, and Euphoria

February 24, 2022

Our takes on the latest and greatest breaking news from North Carolina and around the world.

In this week’s Quick Hits, the guys cover Facebook, Politics, Pop Culture, and Finance. Andre also makes sure to get in a few “I told you so’s” and they collectively ask “What is this garbage?”

(00:00:00) Intro

(00:02:32) Facebook spent $2 Billion on stock buybacks for nothing

(00:04:16) Meta adds protective bubbles to avatars to solve groping problem

(00:05:27) TFG thought Facebook’s recent problems were because of him

(00:06:13) Senators Manchin and Murkowski give each other ringing endorsements

(00:10:01) Gov. Kristi Noem makes enemies in her own state and party

(00:12:11) WB gets sued for releasing Matrix: Resurrections on hboMAX

(00:13:54) Car companies want to get into the subscription business for car accessories

(00:16:14) Ford CEO tries to kill outrageous dealer markups

(00:19:26) Andre was right about the housing craze being a bad time to buy

(00:21:25) The biggest reason people quit is 10 times more important than money

(00:23:42) Gettr lays off entire IT team amid financial troubles

(00:24:47) Oklahoma law would fine teachers $10k for teaching students something that conflicts with students’ religion

(00:29:34) New York Mayor admits to eating fish after claiming to be vegan

(00:31:02) D.A.R.E. complains that Euphoria glamorizes drug use. Where were they when Breaking Bad was on the air?