Episode 41 - Put A Pin In The Season

October 30, 2020

In this extra spooky episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about the latest political news surrounding next week’s election, share their plans for Halloween, pop the bottle on some culture to talk about Evil and Man With a Plan, cook up some delicious plant-based and vegan conversations, unveil their plan to eventually get off social media, and complain about what a terrible sports weekend it was.

(00:01:22) Politics - With the election exactly one week away, the guys discuss: the prospect of life after Trump, the future of the conservative political landscape, Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process, gerrymandering, which Trump offspring(s) will be running for office next, what it will take for manufacturing to come back to the U.S., how marketing is preparing Americans for the “new normal”, what state’s can be doing to drive growth, the potential changes to the Supreme Court, Mitch McConnel’s post-election prospects.

(00:47:46) Halloween - The guys discuss their plans for Halloween, and Chris admits to being part of the problem by committing “Spider Gentrification” while decorating.

(00:52:18) Pop Culture - Andre admits that the Netflix show Evil after watching episode four and the guys decide to go on a brief, spoiler filled rant against the show they both thought they would like...

(00:52:48) WARNING: SPOILERS!!! - The guys discuss major spoilers for the fourth episode of Evil, so if you don’t want to ruin it, skip ahead to the next section.

(00:55:43) Pop Culture (cont’d) - The guys move past the spoilers to wrap up their reviews on Evil and move on to Man With a Plan which Chris has been struggling to get into.

(01:02:08) Cooking - Andre hasn’t posted his seitan recipe yet because he’s been coding so much, Chris found his new favorite poke bowl place, Poke Republic, Andre has been sacrificing his plant-based diet to satisfy his caesar salad craving, Chris shares his quinoa salad dressing recipe, then complains about yet another crappy Mellow Mushroom experience, the guys talk about vegan options near them and at the beach, Chris’s girlfriend, Christie, made a delicious pasta dish, Chris talks about being vegan with a seven year old daughter and how they handle her diet.

(01:15:29) Social Media - Chris says he’s figured out how to get good engagement from Instagram which only makes him want to quit more, the guys discuss why and how they want to get off social media as a podcast and decide to create an ongoing segment about their plans.

(01:34:49) Sports - The guys both had a pretty crappy sports weekend, including losses by Andre’s Broncos and Chris’s Seahawks and NC State Wolfpack, Andre continues to believe all sports should just be cancelled at this point while Chris isn’t quite there yet, Andre describes what it’s like being a Yankees fan AND a Knicks fan, saying it helps to balance him out, while Chris just complains about how he ended up a State fan.

(01:53:58) Closing Thoughts - Andre closes things out by saying how heart-warming it is to see the exodus of Christians from Trump and Focus On the Family, the guys give a shoutout to Chris Brumfield for his recent feedback on the show!

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