Episode 63 - Parents - They Do The Best They Can With What They Know

April 25, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys share some updates on the podcast itself, share recipes and fave new cookbooks, discuss paywall sites, and their second-ever guest, Andre’s brother-in-law Tony Jackson, joins them to talk a TON of sports as well as the Derrick Chauvin verdict.

(00:02:01) Technology - The guys have upgraded their podcast recording platform to riverside.fm and share their initial thoughts.

(00:05:22) Cooking - Andre shares his pre-show dinner, leading to a larger discussion about vegan food, including the guys’ plans for dinner on Saturday night at Pure Soul in Durham, NC and other places they’ve tried lately.

Andre raves about his Cookbook: The Plant Based Diet for Beginners (https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Based-Diet-Beginners-Delicious/dp/1646110420), Chris describes his new diet and exercise plans.

(00:18:00) Business - Andre likes the way Palmer Report goes about asking for financial contributions to support their business model as opposed to traditional paywalls, Chris admits to never donating to Wikipedia.

(00:20:55) Guest: Tony Jackson - Andre’s brother-in-law, Tony, joins the guys for the rest of the show, sharing his take on the topics of the day.

(00:22:17) Sports - Tony declares himself a Seahawks fan, much to the chagrin of Chris and detriment of Andre, the guys force Andre to relive the 2014 Superbowl so he brings up Russel Wilson getting set to speak at NC State commencement. Tony puts Chris on the spot by asking him if Russel Wilson is better than Philip Rivers, Chris asks Andre which is a worse way to lose.

The trio discuss the announcement of the European Super League and the subsequent departure of two founding member clubs, and reminisce about playing sports growing up. Andre throws a recent news story about the NC State baseball team in Chris’s face, the guys debate Hubert Davis’s decision to hire an all-Carolina staff, Chris relives the end of the Herb Sendek era.

Andre thinks the professional leagues are responsible for the degradation of college sports and has some ideas for how to fix it, Chris and Tony point to players who were ready to join the NBA at 18, the guys discuss the decision to go pro early across sports and agree it’s time for student-athletes to make money.

Andre shares his own experience watching his son play high school sports and his decision not to continue playing in college despite scholarship opportunities, Chris continues to “impress” Andre with his knowledge of former NC State players across sports and complains about the Dennis Smith, Jr. days of the Gottfried era.

(01:18:33) Life - The topic shifts slightly towards parenting and a debate over whether there’s an expectation for kids to “do better” than their parents, the struggle parents have in trying to raise their children.

The guys share their reactions to the Derrick Chauvin verdict that was announced right before they started recording, and debate whether or not this is the start of meaningful change in terms of police accountability.