Episode 55 - Not In The Business Of Celebrating People's Deaths

March 18, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys start off talking Texas and politics, move on to other business to talk about successful characteristics, drool over their favorite trucks and cars, compare streaming services, review Chris’s recent social media exploits, and close things out with a deeper political discussion.

(00:06:33) Politics - After a rousing introduction that included the guys’ favorite crooners and Andre’s love for all things Canadian, they turn their attention to Politics, starting with a discussion of Raphael (Ted) Cruz’s decision to fly to Cancun in the middle of Texas’ snowstorm and the lessons learned from the crushing winter disaster.

(00:27:42) Business - The desire to go green with solar panels leads the guys to debate the success of Elon Musk and what characteristics are common among successful people.

(00:31:24) Cars - Andre says he’ll buy a Tesla if the market doesn’t expand soon, Chris fawns over the current Ford Mustangs and hates on the electric Mustang wagon, and the guys continue their love affair with the Ford Raptor. Andre says sports cars are a dying breed as they become less popular as daily drivers and the guys also talk about their favorites among Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

(00:47:23) Pop Culture - Following some brief internet issues, the guys finally talk about their respective lineups of streaming services and what they each value most when it comes to deciding who makes the cut. Andre admits he’s not excited about WandaVision partway through.

(01:09:40) Social Media - Chris (@chim77richalds) wonders why other Twitter users seem upset about his use of GIFs, the guys talk about their mindset when using social media while discussing people’s posting decisions following the death of Rush Limbaugh. This leads to a larger discussion about the impact people like (and including) Limbaugh have ultimately had on America.

Chris goes on a rant about the disingenuous arguments being made on Twitter about how the United States government is “supposed” to work, so the guys close things out with another dip into the political sphere.