Episode 32 - Narcissism 101

September 05, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk shop with home improvement projects, debate the importance of the Queen of England and continue to criticize Donald Trump, have a good old fashioned debate about Russia’s place in the world, get down to business with a Double-Dip Recession, ponder the meaning of life, and Andre takes a few parting jabs on the way out.

(00:00:24) Intros - The guys are back for another episode (even if they can’t remember which episode number it is…).

(00:01:27) Around the House - Chris provides an update on his life over the past week including some woodworking projects and gives a shout out to I Love to Make Stuff for his awesome videos on Facebook, Andre points to a 3D printer being the difference maker, Chris says he wants/needs a workshop and explains his current situation, which Andre rightly chastises.

(00:08:50) Politics - Chris points out the Queen of England has left Buckingham Palace and asked if she’s going to give up her brother, Andre says the EU and Brexit were both bad ideas, the guys finally realize what episode it is and Andre threatens Chris, and Chris gives his two cents on Brexit.

Andre shares his thoughts on Joe Biden following the DNC the week before saying he’s 40% on board with him but says he’s a legit guy, Chris likes the current push to point out how down to earth Biden is, Andre explains why he respects the choice of Kamala Harris.

On the other side of things, the guys give their take on the RNC this week including the strange amount of praise and delivery used, Andre gives a shout out to 538project for their work and quotes some stats to show how bad a position Trump is in.

Chris is worried too much of the country still agrees with people like Mitch McConnell, Andre says Tom Tillis is “done” in NC and Chris shares a story about joining a recent phone town hall.

(00:41:36) Debate Time! - Chris and Andre end up in an unplanned debate over whether or not Russia is a world power, Trump’s handling of that relationship, and what actions are foregin policy versus superpower flexing.

(00:52:57) Business - The guys switch gears to the economy and the fact that some are predicting 18-24 months before things are back to normal, the time it will take to distribute a vaccine once we have one, the likelihood of a “Double-dip Recession” thanks to a resurgence in COVID cases, the impact of some college sports not playing this year, the layoffs that are coming after the furloughs, and the business clothing industry suffering while dry cleaner business is booming.

(01:15:17) Life - Chris and Andre spend some time talking about the things they do to understand another perspective, share a story about a time they disagreed at work and still managed to remain friends, discuss what leadership really is, talk about how helpful it can be to have someone to commiseration partner, Andre shares a deep personal thing, Chris talks about how much energy it takes to hate someone.

(01:30:54) Andre Takes a Jab - Or more, in this case. His first jab is at billionaire Robert Smith for alleged tax fraud, and his second jab is at MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell for his Anderson Cooper interview. Andre says that while God may have allowed Trump to be in office, Christians still need to ask if he’s the right person, Chris asks at what point will people “see the signs” they are looking for, Andre points out that science supports wisdom and so does the Bible.

(01:43:59) That’s a wrap! - The guys close out another episode agreeing to timestamp their episodes going forward since Chris is still behind on editing. Be sure to check out chrisandandreshow.com for the latest and greatest from your two favorite podcast hosts!