Did Moon Knight Episodes 4 & 5 Fall Flat?

May 12, 2022

How did the guys feel about two episodes that packed a ton of information in and also some action? You'll have to listen/watch to find out...

The guys are catching up on Moon Knight, this week reviewing and recapping episodes 4 and 5. In Episode 4, The Tomb, Mark/Steven and Layla discover Amit's tomb but must make their way to a certain chamber to locate her Ushabti before Harrow can.

In Episode 5, Asylum, Mark finds himself in a psychiatric ward with Dr. Harrow, but quickly discovers that things are not as they seem. He and Steven must navigate their version of the afterlife to try and balance their hearts before they reach their final destination.

The guys biggest issues are revealed, focusing on the treatment of mental health issues across all the episodes and what they feel is sometimes lazy screenwriting, but also highlight some of the better parts of the show, like Steven coming into his own and finally getting to the characters' origin story.