Moon Knight Episode 6 - What Were They Thinking?

May 18, 2022

The first season came to a close with a whimper, not a bang. And the post-credits scene left us feeling some sort of way, but probably not the way Marvel wants.

The guys are back to wrap up Season 1 of Moon Knight with their review of the finale, Episode 6, and then an overall review of the whole season. Included in this review is a ranking of all the Marvel/Disney+ Series to-date.

Some of the biggest issues the guys had with the finale were:

  • Bad CGI
  • Lack of explanation about why things were happening
  • Flubbing the timeline from previous episodes
  • Predictable post-credits scene

Listen to the episode to learn what other issues the guys had, as well as some of their favorite parts (yes, they actually liked some things, too!).

What did you think of the final episode and Season 1 overall?

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