Episode 58 - Managing Things Vs Leading People

April 01, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys dedicate the bulk of their time to talking about business, including - unit-cost decision making, what makes people successful, the USFL and people lusting after lifestyles, the gap between what employees want and what companies are offering, and the difference between managing things and leading people.

(00:01:35) Business - Andre’s looking for a mask that doesn’t cause his glasses to fog up, Chris is getting into the T-shirt business, and the guys discuss whether risk and random luck play a significant role in people’s success.

Chris has been binging 30 for 30 episodes recently, including ones on the USFL, which momentarily sidetracks the guys into a conversation about a certain former White House resident and people who lust after a lifestyle they don’t have, and the guys debate whether retirement is really that desirable.

(00:41:58) Still Business - The guys talk about what companies think employees want versus what they are actually looking for and share some stories from their time spent working together. Andre talks about the difference between managing things and leading people.

(01:21:07) Yep, Still Business - Chris shares a story from his educational experience while working towards a Business Management degree, then the guys close out on Chris’s recent education on Jimmy the Greek.