Making Your Finances Recession-Proof | THE BIG RANT

September 21, 2022

In this edition of THE BIG RANT, Andre provides his expertise in personal finance to try and help you get a handle on your finances by Keeping the Lights On and Managing Your Expenses. Chris sits back and learns from the best before diving in to ask some questions that come to mind.

(00:08:13) Keeping the Lights On - What do you need to do to pay your bills in the coming weeks before you get paid, how to manage your expenses to fit within your budget, and how much you should be spending on certain big-ticket items like cars, home maintenance, and gifts.

​ (00:43:39) Q&A - Chris starts poking and prodding to clarify some of Andre's points.

​ (01:00:47) Budgeting Tools - Andre highly recommends a couple of simple budgeting tools in You Need A Budget ( and GnuCash ( ​

(01:14:54) Quiet Quitting - The guys briefly discuss the growing trend of Quiet Quitting and why it's a terrible idea for people looking to grow their careers AND their wallets.

​ (01:23:00) Generational Wealth - Andre takes issue with the idea of Generational Wealth and the guys discuss why it's a fallacy to think this should be everyone's goal.

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