Episode 51 - Let The Chips Fall Where They May

January 15, 2021

In this episode of the Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about one thing and one thing only- politics (though they do take a slight detour into Social Media for a moment). They spend the bulk of the episode discussing the recent riots and attack on the Capitol, the response from Democrats and Republicans, and their thoughts on what needs to happen to ensure this kind of thing is not repeated, then wrap things up predicting the future of GOP and what other options conservatives might have going forward.

(00:00:35) Politics - The guys dive right into the recent events in politics, starting with the attack on the Capitol last week, discussing the response so far from both Democrats and Republicans, and give their opinions on what they think should happen going forward.

(00:42:27) Social Media (with a Political flavor) - Chris brings up the GOP members complaining about losing Twitter followers after Sunday’s purge, Andre gives a First Amendment lesson and talks about the massive shortcomings of Parler’s tech team, and the guys talk about Amazon, Google, and Apple’s decision to dump the app altogether.

(00:51:20) Politics...again - Chris brings the conversation back to politics by pointing out the difference in preparation and response between BLM protests this summer and the MAGA riot and Andre says it’s easy: they were white.

Andre and Chris talk about the disintegration of the GOP and what will take its place now that the “Trump Party” option has died, the impending doom the GOP is facing with Merrick Garland as the US Attorney General, potential conservative Presidential candidates in 2024, what it will take to “fix” the country, and close things out bashing Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley for their unacceptable behavior.