Episode 36 - Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

October 03, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about a ton of football, spend the bulk of their time on their vegan eating habits, remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s contributions to the United States, chat about social media’s impacts on society, and get local as they share their opinions on the Raleigh suburbs.

(00:02:37) Sports - The guys discuss Andre’s Broncos, Chris’s Russell Wilson has the hot hand, the Chargers gave Mahomes a scare while Justin Herbert looked good, Chris wonders if Philip Rivers is “done,” the guys experience some brief technical difficulties, then Andre catches Drake’s new Popstar video featuring Justin Bieber.

Back to sports, Chris hopes Rivers has a Peyton Manning-esque farewell, Andre says it’s all about the O-line, the guys debate Cam Newton’s potential with the Patriots, Andre explains why he’s not a Falcons fan like his brothers.

(00:19:57) Cooking - An impromptu text from a former coworker shifts the topic to food. Andre says he’s almost perfected his meat replacement recipe, Chris shares his experience with Very Good Butchers as well as his secret to the best mashed potatoes he’s ever had, Andre redefines his diet as “plant-based first” and explains why, the guys share some breakfast recipes, Chris tells Andre he needs a mandolin then asks Andre if he wants to swap (recipes), the guys debate the appeal of sweet potatoes, Chris talks about his at home Impossible Burger experience, the guys talk about what to grill now that they’re vegan and cheese alternatives they prefer and geek out on Dave’s Killer Breads, Chris shares a hipster coffee house experience in the mountains, and the guys laugh about how they both became vegans at the same time.

(00:48:31) Politics - The guys discuss the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Republicans’ decision to try and push through a new nominee, the potential widening of the Supreme Court, the feeling of impending doom that grips most of the United States right now in the midst of the election and the pandemic.

(00:58:58) Social Media - A recent viewing of The Social Dilemma by Andre takes the guys down a new rabbit hole, calling out the “geniuses” behind online tracking and profile building while sharing stories about their experience in social media realm, then the conversation focuses on asking where the real leadership has been all along and where you draw the line between what you can do and what you should do. Lastly, Chris complains about people looking for 5 minutes of fame over masks, and Andre shares his experience with people not wearing masks.

(01:20:12) Politics...again? - The guys congratulate themselves for avoiding He Who Shall Not Be Named for the majority of the podcast, Andre points out how low voter participation is in the United States compared to the rest of the democratic world.

Thinks take a local turn as Chris sarcastically thanks Morrisville for finally fixing a pothole, which causes the guys to come to the realization that Morrisville is the Long Staten Island of the Raleigh suburbs.

(01:33:25) Andre’s Monologue - Andre takes a moment to address the audience about the upcoming election and how we can get back to having open dialogues about the issues we face. Take a listen.

(01:37:19) That’s a wrap - The guys start to talk about Bubba Wallace before they run out of recording space on Chris’s computer...