Episode 34 - Jimmy The Greek

September 24, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys spend a surprisingly small amount of time on politics, share their thoughts on McDonald’s latest promotions, dish about recent food experiences, kick the sports topic around a bit, jump back into business to talk about the economy, then back to college sports, then into politics again cause why not?

(00:01:37) Politics - Andre can’t wait for the November election, Chris shares his absentee ballot experience in North Carolina, and the Trump campaign is running out of money after running for re-election for 4 years.

(00:09:59) Business - McDonald’s responds to a lawsuit by black franchisees by introducing the Travis Scott Meal, Andre points to the lack of healthy food options in inner cities, Chris says it’s interesting this new meal is almost the same as Michael Jordan’s from the 1990’s, the guys share their respective McDonald’s orders prior to becoming vegan.

(00:15:29) Food - The McDonald’s business discussion turns to a straight up food talk with the guys sharing recent dining experiences including Circa 1922 in Wilmington, MoonRunners in Garner, Ocean Grille in Carolina Beach, and Los Tres in Apex.

Andre finally tried JUST Egg, Chris explains why he stopped eating at WaffleHouse and Burger King, the guys share their love for Wendy’s but admit they don’t really miss fast food. Other food topics include: Jersey Mikes, Firehouse Subs, Anvil’s Cheesesteaks, cheese-less pizza, Very Good Butchers plant-based meats, Upton Naturals Seitan Bacon, and Andre’s meat slicer.

(00:26:53) Sports - Eric Trump isn’t watching football, Southern Miss fired their head coach after season-opening loss, Chris thinks he wants to watch NFL but not college football this year, Andre says he tried watching the NBA but it just wasn’t the same and Chris agrees.

Andre explains what prompted him to play Madden online, Chris says he has abandoned his delusions of being a football coach, the guys discuss NFL MVP candidates, debate who was responsible for the Patriots’ success, and more.

(00:39:30) Back to Business - The guys talk about the recent tech stock free fall, Tesla being left out of the S&P 500, the fact that no one is paying attention to the root causes, the true effect of the current administration’s tax cut and the lack of progress on their 2016 initiatives, and the impending impact on North Carolina and the Wake County area.

(01:01:07) Sports - The guys jump back into the sports arena to discuss the inequities in college athletics and the barriers to “playing with the big boys.”

(01:10:14) Debate Time! - The guys debate the contributions of Elon Musk and his current societal status, Chris can’t help but bring up Trump and Kanye…

(01:12:37) Politics...again? - The guys discuss the possible futures that lie ahead for the United States post November 2020, Andre appreciates the authenticity of Biden, Chris talks about the changing demographics across the country, Republicans are starting to hedge their bets against Trump, Andre takes a quick break while Chris serenades the audience, Chris talks about Nick Offerman’s books on Audible, Chris complains about partisan politics, Andre calls out Trump’s “Law & Order” messaging, the guys discuss what “defund the police” really means, Chris gets passionate for a minute and Andre tries to talk him off the ledge, the guys talk about the need to get rid of guns.

(01:35:58) Listen, America… - Chris addresses the audience to explain how much he appreciates and loves living in the United States but also calls for people to recognize the need for a change.

Andre predicts that the Senate will flip to the Democrats in 2020, Chris asks “where are the deals?” then suggests we convert the Presidential Election into a reality tv show.

(01:55:46) That’s a wrap! - The guys finally close out another episode, Andre tries to remember what platforms the guys are listed on and the social media channels we frequent. Tune in next week!