Episode 64 - Is This The Future Of Sports Entertainment?

April 30, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys cook up a review of Pure Soul and the

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys cook up a review of Pure Soul and the #Foodgasm cookbook, kick around the failed European Super League idea, wonder why NFL teams relocate, hate on Jake Paul not getting knocked out, look forward to Sheng-Chi while regretting watching Mortal Kombat, debate the best car product placements in cinema while saluting Audi and shaming Tesla, talk TikTok and data privacy, and wrap things up talking about Chris’s new Mac Mini M1 and Riverside.fm. It’s a jam packed episode you won’t want to miss!

(00:00:24) Cooking - The guys recently tried Durham’s Pure Soul vegan restaurant and share their experience attending the grand opening last weekend. They also talk about Taco Bell’s push to create their own plant-based alternative, Chris gripes about his #Foodgasm cookbook and does his best impression of Kalen Reacts

(00:09:44) Cooking - Andre’s upcoming trip to Puerto Rico with friends leads to a discussion about the difference between Plant-based and Vegan. Chris says he’s struggled to find a good bacon or sausage substitute.

(00:21:20) Sports - The guys discuss the rise and immediate fall of the European Super League, Andre apologizes for insulting the US Under 23 soccer team on a previous episode, Chris says leadership is to blame for the lack of success for the men’s soccer team and relates it to NC State’s men’s and women’s basketball programs, which leads to a deeper conversation of the reason college basketball has changed over the years. Chris shares his prediction for college athletics.

(00:40:49) Sports - The guys discuss NFL teams relocating, including the Raiders and Chargers most recently, Chris shares the most recent chaos surrounding his former favorite team.

(00:43:41) Sports - The guys share their takes on the most recent Jake Paul fight, with Chris saying it was a clear dive and Andre saying at 1 minute and 25 seconds it was an awful fight. Chris says this is the “future” of sports entertainment.

(00:47:24) Pop Culture - Andre is excited for Shang-Chi but doesn’t love the fact that his wife thinks the lead actor is “hot” and Chris calls him out for being insecure, Chris says Aquaman wasn’t as bad as he thought while Andre disagrees.

(00:51:30) Pop Culture - Andre says the beginning and end were the only good parts of the new Mortal Kombat movie, the guys reminisce about old school arcades and pizza places and gripe about the lack of good games at Boxcar.

(00:55:18) Cars - Andre thinks Audi owes a debt of gratitude to Marvel, Chris complains about modern-day product placements especially the Mercedes-Benz from Justice League and then goes on to bash network television’s lack of product placement creativity.

(01:00:55) Cars - The guys compare automakers: a tip of the cap to Germany when it comes to car tech, a wag of the finger to Tesla for ignoring safety issues caused by the self-driving feature.

(01:06:06) Technology - The guys discuss the latest TikTok investigation into data privacy, Andre shares the latest story of targeted ads from Facebook, Chris says you shouldn’t need a law degree to use a service or download an app, the guys discuss the pending iTunes lawsuit over ownership of music and Spotify increasing their fees (slightly).

(01:13:25) Technology - Chris gushes about his new Mac Mini M1 and ultrawide LG monitor and shares a recent external hard drive issue that was driving him nuts, the guys talk about their new recording platform, Riverside.fm, and Andre shares his newfound love of video editing thanks to Chris and Davinci Resolve.