Episode 44 - In This Scenario, I'm Hitch?!

November 20, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys spend too much time talking about Trump but find enough time to chat about President-elect Biden and his incoming cabinet, dive into the (not-so) wide world of sports while focusing on NC State and the NFL, and close things out discussing Andre’s recent foray into mobile app building, the latest news and updates from Apple, as well as which wearable they think is the best on the market right now.

(00:00:37) Politics - The guys discuss the fact that Trump has refused to concede thus far and is looking for any avenue to challenge the results, spend a little time talking about President-elect Biden, Vice President-elect Harris, and their prospective cabinet members, and share their disappointment at the issue of masks being politicized.

(00:46:10) Sports - Chris gushes about his NC State Wolfpack professionals lighting it up on Thursday night last week, Chris explains why NC State still “claims” Russell Wilson, the guys discuss the rash of QB injuries currently plaguing the league including Drew Brees and Nick Foles, Andre still just can’t with his Broncos this year discusses the potential of QB Drew Lock, and they close things out talking about the lack of defense in college ball and where that comes from.

(01:15:02) Technology - Andre has begun building the mobile app for his side hustle and is leveraging his recently finished API to do so, the guys share their takes on the latest news and updates from Apple including the “new” iOS App Library and the fact that Big Sur is causing Big Problems for older Macs, and lastly Chris gets Andre’s advice on the best smart watch which just so happens to be the one Andre owns, the TicWatch C2 from mobvoi.

(01:44:26) Pop Culture - For once it’s Andre that takes the guys down a pop culture wormhole, first by referencing Hitch, then bringing up Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain, which leads Chris to talk about when he first started disliking Cain…

(01:48:29) Closing Thoughts - Andre hits a walk-off with the ending here, Chris is getting efficient with his editings to keep things on track, Andre is “secretly” hanging out on our Twitter feed (hint hint Andre’s the one not using hashtags hinthint).