Episode 60 - I Love My Country, But It Doesn't Love Me

April 09, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys toss the old pigskin around, talk pop culture with a heavy focus on comic book movies, discuss the difficulties people are struggling with in everyday life, explain why seemingly everyone opens a restaurant, and share how they are working to stay healthy on their plant-based diets.

(00:03:15) Sports - Andre is not looking forward to the upcoming football season, Chris tries to explain some of the strange moves NFL teams have made in free agency, and the guys share why they are both feeling disconnected from sports recently.

Chris explains (at length) the futility of being an N.C. State sportsfan, Andre points out sports are more relaxing when you’re not emotionally invested and then gets upset about USA Men’s Soccer, and the guys share their predictions for the rest of the NBA season.

(00:18:42) Pop Culture - Chris has been binging to catch up on a lot of tv and movies he’s missed out on lately, which leads to the guys discussing Falcon & Winter Soldier, Coming 2 America, Tyler Perry, the selfishness of audience members, and Samuel L. Jackson’s refusal to age.

Chris finally admits that The Snyder Cut was way better than he expected; the guys discuss the parallels between Justice League and Avengers, Ben Affleck as Batman, and comics-to-movies in general.

(00:50:06) Life - A scene from episode 2 of Falcon & Winter Soldier struck a nerve with the guys, Andre explains why he’s constantly on alert right now, and they both agree that in-fighting is the goal of the opposition.

An article about Millenials turning 40 sparks a conversation about how life experience changes your perspective, the difference challenges they face compared to their parents, and the fact that there aren’t enough “real” jobs for everyone.

(01:06:27) Business - Andre finally understands why everyone wants to open up restaurants, but the guys explain why it’s still a terrible idea. Andre shares who fast-food restaurants consider to be their greatest competition, the guys ask why everyone loves Sheetz and other chains that expand into new areas. Chris shares stories from his childhood Red Robin’s experience and Andre makes fun of Chris for ordering small beers.

(01:20:45) Food/Cooking - Chris’s doctor says he needs to slim down which leads the guys to discuss their struggles with eating healthy even on a plant-based diet, Andre is excited about new plant-based seafood options and shares stories from his childhood about catching fresh seafood, Chris shares the story of the time he had the best ceviche ever, the guys share their favorite hang-over cures, and close things out by discussing what they look for in their beers.