How to Play The Movie GameMovies

Chris Smith
April 28, 2022

You've heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is like an advanced version of that you can play anywhere, anytime.

In high school, my friends and I all loved watching movies together. That, coupled with our love of The Simpsons, meant that we had a ton of pop-culture knowledge at our disposal. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon seemed a little too easy, so we decided to make it a longer, slightly more complicated game.

How to Play

One person (usually the winner from the previous game, but you can play Rock-Paper-Scissors or any other simple game to choose who goes first) names either an actor or a movie.

If they named a movie, the next person must name an actor in that movie. If they named an actor, the next person must name a movie that actor was in.

The next person continues the pattern: movie - actor - movie - actor etc. until someone cannot provide an answer. The person who last named a movie or actor is the winner of that round.

The game continues until you get bored or until your food at the fast food restaurant is ready (or whatever it is you're waiting for).


  1. When your answer is a movie, you must be able to name another actor from that movie (other than the one who was previously named) to validate the victory.
  2. When your answer is an actor, you must be able to name another movie that actor was in (other than the one that was previously named) to validate the victory.
  3. You may only use each actor or movie once per round.
  4. No smartphone or computers are allowed! Only your memory!
  5. Have fun!


  1. Kevin Bacon
  2. Wild Things
  3. Matt Dillon
  4. There's Something About Mary
  5. Cameron Diaz
  6. The Holiday
  7. Jude Law
  8. Sherlock Holmes
  9. Robert Downey Jr.
  10. The Avengers
  11. Mark Ruffalo
  12. The Adam Project
  13. Ryan Reynolds
  14. Deadpool 2
  15. Brad Pitt
  16. Fight Club
  17. Edward Norton
  18. Death to Smoochy
  19. Robin Williams
  20. Mrs. Doubtfire
  21. Pierce Brosnon
  22. Goldeneye
  23. Sean Bean
  24. Lord of the Rings
  25. Sir Ian McKellan...

And so on, and so forth! Happy playing!