Episode 7 - Varying Degrees Of Mediocre

February 21, 2020

In this episode, Chris and Andre discuss recent vegan cooking experiences, dive into the political debates, bask in the glory of the recent Wolfpack victory over Duke, get themselves in trouble by discussing relationships, and circle back around to politics again for some reason before closing things out. As always, we hope you enjoy!

(00:00:24) Intro - Welcome to Episode 7, where the guys are not necessarily about that #plantlife…

(00:02:21) Cooking - The guys discuss their recent Seitanic experiences and some of the things they still miss, Andre introduces Chris to Sauce Stache on YouTube, the guys talk about the financial benefits of going plant-based.

(00:15:13) Politics - The guys debate the results of the latest debate and whether or not there is any value in this process anymore, Andre does a pretty good Bernie Sanders impression, Chris asks if Bloomberg is pandering with recent marketing push, then says its up to each of us to be educated participants.

(00:32:53) Sports - Andre lets Chris bask in the glory of his NC State Wolfpack destroying a highly ranked Duke team once again, Chris points out how Elliot Avent only has two kinds of seasons, Andre watched the XFL but wishes it was on Sundays.

(00:42:27) Life: Relationships - Andre wants to get Chris in trouble by talking about relationships and the differences between men and women… I really can’t even recap this section, you just have to listen if you’re brave enough… Actually, Chris relates this all to an episode of a tv show that sums it up pretty well right here (00:47:00) . Andre has learned to listen more and talk less but won’t hold back his honesty, Chris says part of being in a committed relationship is to provide your partner what they need and not just what you want to provide, the guys talk about navigating blended family relationships, each give their perspectives on having successful relationships.

(01:07:43) Politics…again? - Chris asks how lazy are Bernie Sanders supporters that they don’t actually go vote, the guys get real philosophical for a minute and talk about society, Andre pontificates on the differences between cultures and the importance of listening to different perspectives, Chris asks if it’s time to split up the country, Andre explains how to fix everything, the guys discuss moral obligations of corporations, Andre pushes for change at the local level, Chris wonders if Obama ruined politics for a new generation, Andre expresses his frustration over excluded minority groups.

(01:47:50) That’s a wrap! Impending snow in North Carolina has schools closing early so Chris had to run to pick up his daughter. We’ll be back next week with a brand new perspective on things so be sure to tune in!