Episode 4 - Sports, Drugs, And Rock And Roll

January 14, 2020

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Chris and Andre Show! In this episode, we talk about recent sports performances in the NFL and NCAA, discuss the economy and upcoming democratic debate, and Andre finally reveals his biggest gripes with social media.

(00:01:17) - Sports - NFL Playoffs: how are Houston fans feeling after a brutal loss, Andre has new level of respect for Russell Wilson, Titans beat Baltimore by running the ball…or by eating vegetables, Andre says Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have people to throw to

(00:08:45) Sports - NCAA: Andre is tired of Roy throwing his team under the bus, the guys discuss one-and-done players and the NBA D-league

(00:16:27) Sports - XFL: season starts after the NFL season, new rules in place to protect players, what other changes will impact the NFL down the road

(00:20:00) Sports - Attendance: how will teams adapt, how long can bowl games last, MLS picked the wrong city in NC

(00:25:07) Politics - The Economy: Andre’s tips to measuring the economy, the shitty setup that is the 401K versus pension plans, Saving Capitalism documentary, are we all too inwardly focused to notice others in need, the guys discuss the need (or lack thereof) for editorial opinions in modern journalism, respect the office if not the person,

(00:39:30) Politics - Andre’s radio is still stuck on NPR so he can understand other peoples’ points of views, the guys discuss the impending democratic debates, the plan for the environment will probably come from the dems, Andre doesn’t have faith in Bernie and provides some of his own ideas

(00:47:30) Politics - The guys discuss getting money out of politics and campaigning and being the puppet versus being the puppet-master and which party is more honest about it, “who do you not trust the least”

(00:52:00) Politics - Chris admits things post 2016 have gone better than expected (though the bar was set pretty low), older isn’t necessarily better when it comes to “country health”, Andre slips up and Chris covers for him with some clever editing

(00:59:31) Pop Culture - Social Media: Andre explains his main gripes with social media: closed-mindedness and advertising, “if you’re gonna be a racist, you be the best racist you can be…” - Andre Powell…, tolerance versus acceptance, data mining practices and the lack of opt-out options

(01:05:55) Pop Culture - Social Media Marketing: Chris talks about his former role as a “Nigerian Prince” and some of the moral ambiguities he faced, the saturation and degradation of formerly popular social networks, the guys takes on the influencer culture

(01:09:35) Pop Culture - Business: Andre provides his business philosophy and Chris translates, Andre doesn’t like paywall sites and Chris asks him to make up his mind, Chris insults marketers everywhere by saying they’re lazy

(01:19:00) Pop Culture - Chris breaks the bad news to Andre that Ryan and Evan and other YouTubers are already ruining the next generation of advertisees, Andre wants his kids to know it won’t be all bad when they turn out like him

(01:27:05) Pop Culture - Chris tells his story about the time he almost bought a car and the guys talk about the car industry in the US, Chris and Andre talk about the future of electric trucks,

(01:34: 22) - That’s a wrap! Thanks to all our listeners and supporters, we’ll be back next week! And the guys realize they forgot to talk about Vegan food, but don’t forget to shout out the Apex Vegan Community Kitchen!