Episode 1 - The Phantom Podcast

December 17, 2019

Hi! Thanks so much for checking out our brand new podcast (it even still has that new-podcast smell)! Allow us to apologize for the lack of introduction and conclusion in this first semi-test recording. We enjoyed recording this so much we decided to go ahead and publish it so others could enjoy it.

(0:01) - We join our adventurers mid-conversation as they discuss the Disney + original the Mandalorian.

(2:50) - DC Streaming Platform and Programming Discussion

(3:40) - DC Marketing Department sucks

(4:20) - Chris doesn’t like to read books…

(5:50) - Andre doesn’t appreciate Chris’ application of knowledge, thinks Jack Ryan on Amazon is “fantastic” though

(6:36) - Andre wants to leave Venezuela…

(6:57) - Andre doesn’t want to butcher an actor’s last name, so he says he should change it…which Chris says is racist

(7:55) - Chris hasn’t watched Jack Ryan because he doesn’t know why Jim is a spy

(9:03) - “Pam-a-lam-a-ding-dong”

(9:12) - Andre finally introduces us and our show

(10:45) - Andre says “You never go full vegan…”

(12:00) - Chris goes on a vegan cooking rant

(13:00) - Shoutout to @followyourheart vegan cheese! That stuff is yummy!

(13:50) - Link to the recipe for the Avocado Lime Sauce [INSERT LINK HERE]

(14:57) - Watch Game Changers on Netflix! It’s a great film with a lot of interesting information!

(15:11) - Andre eats Satan Steaks

(15:55) - Shoutout to Veggie Rose on Youtube! Great recipe for “Pork” chops

(16:50) - Chris loves to eat Vegan Cookie Dough

(17:39) - Eating vegan

(17:40) - Shoutout to Thrive Market! And their Vegan Cheddar Cheese Puffs!

(18:55) - Andre’s not on Pinterest…

(19:35) - Andre got an InstaPot, Chris got an AirFryer!

(20:33) - No sponsors (yet!) but we are accepting applications!

[...] Chris got tired of making show notes [...]

(1:03:15) - Chris gets deep… and evil…