Episode 61 - Embarrassing Sports Stories

April 16, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys celebrate the retirement of Roy Williams in their own unique ways, share embarrassing sports stories from their past, discuss politics in Georgia dn Chris’s thirst for blood, reflect on the past year as the George Floyd trial gets under way, and close things out feeling hopeful about getting their first vaccine shots.

(00:00:45) Sports - Roy Williams has retired so the guys take a moment to reflect back on his time at UNC from each of their perspectives. The guys share their thoughts on the Hubert Davis hiring, Chris hates zone defense because of Syracuse.

The guys swap embarrassing stories from their sports-playing days, then hate on the pollen that has invaded their lives.

(00:33:01) Politics - Andre is upset about the voter laws in Georgia, Chris wants to know what the GOP actually stands for and gets frustrated about Trump press releases being published on Twitter, Andre explains why that doesn’t really matter and tries to relate what’s happening right now to the GOP to a car accident on the highway.

(00:46:44) Ah, crap! - Chris didn’t clear enough space on his computer for the new video capture process the guys were attempting (hence, no video portion this week…) so it takes the guys a minute to get back on track.

Chris realizes his obsession with Matt Gaetz is because he still wants justice for Donald Trump’s crimes, Andre reminds him it’s only been four months and that we just need to exercise patience as the GOP plays out their losing hand.

(01:04:22) George Floyd - The guys discuss the ongoing trial and share their opinions on the tragedy that occurred, Andre explains what a guilty verdict would and would not bring.

The guys close things out with a discussion about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as they are both ready to get their first dose.