Episode 42 - Election Night Special

November 06, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys are buckled in for Election Night in the United States, sharing their predictions for what the night will bring along with a lot of other topics, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, discuss Walmart and McDonald’s diversity changes, talk about rappers and politicians, and express gratitude for their football teams successes this week but agree it’s probably time to cancel the seasons.

(00:00:40) Politics - In this segment, the guys discuss the ongoing election prior to any results being released and the future political landscape post-election on both sides. Andre compares politics to Star Wars, asks why politicians and corporations always court rappers, Chris rants against Instagram influencers, Andre takes issues with Trump touting his improved “black vote” numbers, Chris shares his favorite recent political ad.

(00:32:26) Business - Chris wants Andre’s opinion on cryptocurrency, Andre says he loved the “And I Quit” video recently posted by a now former Walmart employee, the guys share their opinions on the flood of issues McDonald’s has been facing lately, which leads to a larger discussion of the lack of diversity in corporate America.

(00:43:21) Politics... again? - The guys circle back to their Ice Cube/Trump conversation, move on to the lack of policies created by the Trump administration, Tucker Carlson’s lack of a scanner/fax machine.

Andre compares Donald Trump and the late Senator John McCain, Chris predicts a reversal of the 2016 election with a strong shift to blue, Andre thinks North Carolina will go blue.

The guys share their opinions on the Barrett confirmation process, which takes them back to the Obama administration and a debate about how the same-sex marriage law was handled, what options citizens have at their disposal when they don’t agree with their states.

(01:16:22) Sports - Determined not to close things out on a sour (political) note, the guys switch to sports. Andre’s Broncos defeated Chris’ former team, Philip Rivers and Nyheim Hines played well for the Colts, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks got back to business against the 49ers.

Chris sent Andre proof that play action succeeds in the NFL which Andre took offense to, COVID is running rampant in college sports by cancelling Big10 games and keeping Trevor Lawrence from playing, the guys debate Cam Newton and the Patriots’ success (which Chris somehow relates to Philip Rivers).

Andre shares a childhood story about baseball cards ruining friendships which leads to the guys discussing other respective childhood hobbies, Chris debates getting back into Madden but now worries it will end their friendship.

The guys talk about NFL RedZone pros and cons, Andre hates that COVID took away his Sunday sports bars.

(01:41:43) Closing Thoughts - Indiana goes red for Trump as the guys close out this week’s episode, Andre asks for the world’s prayers.