Don Lemon Just Couldn't Help Himself | THE BIG RANT

May 03, 2023

The guys go off on Don Lemon's latest "hot takes" and wonder how anyone manages to take him seriously.

This episode was recorded the week before CNN fired Don Lemon

Andre has had enough of Don Lemon, finally pushed over the edge by his segment on 5 things black people need to do to "clean up your act." Chris, having not seen the clip before, wants to know if this is a joke? They also discuss the response from Russell Simmons and the response TO Russell Simmons. And finally, they wonder how they are supposed to take Don Lemon seriously after everything we've seen already.

(00:00:00) Don Lemon Just Couldn’t Help Himself - The Jon Stewart hot mic moment
(00:05:58) Don Lemon Decides To Speak For “Black America” - And also AT “Black America” while hitting on every GOP talking point
(00:25:42) Don Lemon Responds to Russell Simmons - And decides he hasn’t stepped in it enough yet
(00:34:18) Don Lemon Is Supposed To Be Taken Seriously - But we keep seeing him act like this, so how is that possible?

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