Episode 59 - DC Versus Marvel

April 06, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about mesh router setups and diy versus professional installation, spend a bunch of time reviewing movies and comparing DC and Marvel on many different levels, take time to address the recent tragic events in the US, and close things out with plenty of politics.

(00:00:58) Technology - The guys share their experiences of updating their home wifi to a mesh system, with Andre using the TPLink Deco M5 and Chris going with the Google Wifi system. They also share their disdain for Linksys after years of being the de facto wifi router and the difference between Chris and Andre when it comes to home installations.

(00:15:48) Pop Culture - Andre watched Justice League: The Snyder Cut and explains why he thought it was much better than the original. Chris doubts a 4-hour movie would have sat well with theater audiences, the guys debate the casting choices, almost get into a fight over who is the best Batman casting, then discuss the larger comparison of heroes from both the Marvel and DC universes.

Chris hasn’t gotten to Falcon & Winter Soldier yet but vows to get caught up for the next episode.

(00:53:48) Life - The guys take time to address the recent litany of mass shootings that have occurred in the past couple of weeks in the United States, which leads them to recall all of the horrible things that have happened with no actual changes occurring afterwards to curb the violence.

(01:17:18) Politics - The former White House resident is reportedly starting his own social media platform which has the guys wondering just how big of a scam that will end up being, Chris warns against continuing to keep him in the news, and Andre talks about the recent drop in Republican party membership and links it to their current “platform.”

Chris tries to bring everything back to NC State (of course…), only to knock his microphone cable loose and get completely off track. Fortunately for everyone, he is able to rebound and points out how the national media trolling State fans is the same thing Fox News does to liberals. The guys debate which, if any, news networks are still worth anything.