Episode 37 - Business Is Business

October 07, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys talk about adjusting to ongoing pandemic life and new hobbies, introduce Chris’s new blog post series of movie reviews, share their thoughts on social media, spend a lot of time talking about football, NASCAR, and Michael Jordan, and finally close things out with some political discussions.

(00:00:51) Life - The guys talk about continuing to adjust to life in the COVID pandemic, not being the “mask police”, working from home, and more. Chris shares a story of trying to edit podcast episodes in bed and the need for more space on his harddrive. The guys talk about picking up new hobbies during the pandemic.

(00:12:53) Pop Culture - Chris talks about a new series up on the blog where he provides extremely critical reviews of the movies he’s watching including The Old Guard and The Take.

(00:16:03) Social Media - The guys spend some time talking about the different aspects of social media marketing, the desire for greater analytics and the need to also balance privacy and security for users, Andre says he’s just not invested in it, Chris says his experience gets worse every day. Andre talks about the intentionally addictive aspects of social media covered in The Social Dilemma, Chris complains about dating app ads flooding his feed, Andre says he doesn’t understand the real use case, Chris shares his experience raising a kid with all this technology and how he’s approaching it.

(00:36:55) Sports - The guys dive into NFL football as Andre talks about his Denver Broncos sucking wind, Chris relates everything to NC State and talks about his Seattle Seahawks beating the Dallas Cowboys. The guys gripe about the NFL’s television packages, Chris rips Buffalo fans for their claim that Josh Allen is an MVP candidate and Philly fans for trashing Carson Wentz and says he has the right as an NC State fan.

The guys finally get around to discussing Bubba Wallace joining the new Michael Jordan/Denny Hamlin racing team with Chris giving his evaluation of the Petty Motorsports team and what advantages Wallace might have by moving, the guys talk about Jordan’s involvement and his overall legacy.

(00:55:20) Politics - The guys discuss Michael Jordan’s past “politics,” Andre explains why black people have historically looked to athletes and celebrity figures for leadership, Chris compares it to Muhamed Ali’s situation during Vietnam, Andre says he wants his own seat at the table.

The guys discuss the Black Lives Matter organization and repeat their problem with latching on to a hashtag and trend, give their takes on the Breonna Taylor grand jury results, agree that there’s too much focus on the Supreme Court, Fox News’s court claim that Tucker Carlson is satire, the lack of voter participation in the United States compared to the rest of the world, their plans to watch the first Presidential Debate, and the continued gentrification of Wake County.