Episode 57 - Be Passionate About What You're Doing

March 30, 2021

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys are starting to enjoy parts of the new political climate, flaunt their vegan superpowers while discussing the issues with our current agricultural setup, talk business success and unions, try to understand the latest in pop (cancel) culture, and sprint through a couple sports topics.

(00:00:44) Politics - The guys discuss how the political climate has shifted over the past couple of months but lament people’s needs to keep bringing up a certain former white house occupant and predict which economic changes from the pandemic will remain after the virus.

(00:16:04) Cooking - The guys discuss their thoughts on being vegan and Chris’s struggle to not judge non-vegan folks which leads to a larger discussion about the environmental impacts of our industrial agriculture system.

(00:27:12) Business - Andre says one key to business success is being passionate about the mission, the value of capitalism, the Amazon boycott and a larger discussion about the value (or lack thereof) unions provide to workers. This ultimately leads to a debate of semantics over “full-time employees” with insight from Andre’s past experience.

(01:00:09) Pop (Cancel) Culture - The guys talk about how Millennials are mad because GenZ is trying to cancel Eminem, the scandal unleashed on the monarchy is just a big distraction, people’s inability to acknowledge the small steps we take, and the true importance of representation.

Andre explains why he doesn’t listen to John Mayer and Chris calls on all podcast fans to cancel him.

(01:30:47) Sports - The guys close things out with their far-too-late predictions for the (then) upcoming men’s ACC tournament and Chris can’t go an episode without giving a shout out to his N.C. State Wolfpack, this time for the Women’s basketball team winning another ACC Tournament.