Episode 30 - A Lot Of Cracks In The Armor

August 27, 2020

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys seem to kind of go around in circles, moving from breaking news in politics, to sports, back to politics, to business, back to politics yet again, to technology, and back to business again!

(00:00:24) Intros - The guys are still recording on their old mixer even though they bought a new one, Andre’s working on a new mobile app (not for the show)...

(00:04:53) Politics /Breaking News - Even though this episode was recorded a couple weeks ago, it was definitely breaking news at the time: Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate for 2020. The guys spend some time discussing the announcement and its potential impacts on the election. Russia claims to have a vaccine candidate already, China has lack of transparency paired with a more palatable brand of communism, America’s tainted history of war and the parallels with white Evangelicalism.

(00:15:42) Sports - Chris and Andre talk about Liberty University using athletics to promote their brand of Christianity, the ACC deciding to try and play football, and PAC-12 players demanding compensation in addition to COVID-19 protections, what colleges will do when they don’t have sports, why non-start NFL players might be pushing to play this year.

(00:33:57) Politics...Again - The guys spend time talking about Mitch McConnel and Lindsay Graham running into trouble in their bids for re-election, and Immigration Nation and the ongoing issues with immigration management in the US.

(00:44:54) Business - Chris and Andre discuss the changes in job markets over the years, the push for everyone to go to college, the combination of increasing unemployment and positive jobs growth, people having to work two jobs to survive, underemployment, and early retirement.

(00:50:40) Politics… yet again… - The guys just can’t stop talking politics today, to the point they drive their announcer guy to quit… Topics discussed in this session include: Trump’s proposed Payroll Tax Cut and flurry of Executive Orders lately, how the news should have been doing their jobs all along, and the Axios interview.

(00:56:27) Brief Interruption - Andre’s computer decides to shut down so Chris is left to try and pronounce “technical.”

(00:56:51) The guys pick up their political conversation and transition into talking about Brick and Mortar versus Online Only operations, Walmart’s push to compete with Amazon online, the potential end for big box stores, investing in your local mom and pop shops, not opening more restaurants, and the “Disneyland” that is Wake County in North Carolina.

(01:08:45) Technology - Chris and Andre talk about the push for AI-driven programming and the fallout for developers, how difficult it is (or isn’t) to write code, the need for innovation across industries, and what a college degree really represents these days.

(01:26:00) That’s a wrap! - The guys close things out with a little hope (kind of) for what the future can bring. Thanks to all of our valuable listeners for sticking with us as Chris painstakingly gets these episodes out!