4 Reasons Why I Love KeePass Password ManagerApplications

Andre Powell
February 18, 2023

KeePass is a free, secure, and lightweight password manager with tons of features to keep your passwords safe - find out why I love it and why you should too.

Introduction: What is KeePass Password Manager?

KeePass Password Manager is a free and open-source password manager for Windows that helps in managing passwords securely.

The program stores the user's passwords on the local computer or on a USB flash drive, and encrypts them with one of the supported algorithms. It is also possible to synchronize selected password databases over multiple devices, or between two computers using an intermediate device, such as a USB flash drive.

It is possible to use KeePass Password Manager without knowing about any of its features, but it provides some advanced options for power users.

Is KeePass Password Manager Right for You?

A password manager is a software that stores passwords and other credentials for websites, email accounts, and applications. It is an essential security measure to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

There are many password managers available on the market today, but not all of them are equally good. KeePass Password Manager is one of the best options for storing passwords and other credentials. It’s free, open-source, cross-platform, and has a strong encryption to keep your data secure.

LastPass security woes seem to keep piling up, but they are not the only ones. I believe the fact we have so many accounts organically exposed via the internet it is reasonable to expect those accounts will be targets. My conversion to adding all of my account to KeePass happened by running a Chrome security check and noticing a few accounts exposed in breaches. That was enough for me to make the change will all my passwords.

How to Get Started with KeePass Password Manager

KeePass is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It can be downloaded from the developer's website or from the various distributions' package managers.

There are several variations, but the main one I use is KeePassXC. It provides a modern and consistent look on all my computers. For iOS I am using Strongbox and Android KeePass2Android. The main thing is to find an application that opens the KeePass file format - KDBX.

Reason #1 - You Can Access Your Passwords from KeePass on Any Device

You can use KeePass to access your passwords from any device. All you need is the KeePass data file, and the app will open it. You can also sync your KeePass data with popular syncing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

I use several computers, a couple of mobile devices, and I don’t store any passwords in my browser. Having access to some of my most sensitive data, my passwords, wherever I am working, is a tremendous benefit.

Reason #2 - You are Not Limited to the Types of Information in KeePass Can Store

There are many ways to store information. Some people like to use a password manager like KeePass. This is because it has many features that make it easy to store and organize information, such as being able to create folders, different files, and other types of information.

I keep copies of recovery keys, security questions, and other relevant pieces of information I may use on a website or when spinning up a development environment. This saves so much time and helps keep me organized in the process.

OTP/TOTP are available in the same place, which eliminates the need to use Google Authenticator, Athy, etc. Not saying they are bad, but it sure saves a lot of time, especially when my phone is not near me at the moment. Admittedly, I have had to run and grab my phone to authenticate enough times over the years.

Reason #3 - You Are Not Locked Into a Vendor when Using KeePass

Vendor lock-in scares me, since projects or companies can disappear. KeePass can export your data into formats that are compatible with other password managers. This makes it possible for you to keep your data backed up and accessible, even if you choose not to use KeePass in the future.

Reason #4 - The Features in KeePass Can Meet or Beat It’s Competitors

When I was deciding on where I wanted my secure information to live,BitWarden worked its way to the top of the list. But when I compared features, there was not anything that made me say, “I need this so bad.” Absolutely nothing. But, there are a few of KeePass advanced features I plan on implementing.

  • SSH Agent integration
  • KeeShare shared databases
  • YubiKey/OnlyKey challenge-response support

I would call my use-case moderately advanced, but believe even if I just needed a strong password manager, KeePass would fit the bill.

Conclusion: Why you should use a Keeper Password Manager to Protect your Information

Password managers are a vital tool to protect your privacy and security. They provide a secure way to store all of your passwords and other sensitive data. The KeePass Password Manager offers an easy-to-use interface with top-notch security features.

Whether it’s KeePass or any other high-grade manager improving your digital security should be considered a priority when online.